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Our Mission

SEO is simple, and our mission is to keep it so. We can easily over complicate everything that we do, but is that necessary or helpful? Time is our most precious commodity. So we waste no time on nonsense frills to make ourselves seem more important than we are.


Our History


Robin, the owner and founder of Searchable Everywhere Online, has worked with SEO for ten years. While attending college for Photography and Videography, Robin spent many hours in the library researching Search Engine Optimization, just thinking it was just an exciting hobby. Something that someone who loves to fill out forms would appreciate. And that’s how it all began. First, it was adequately keywording images. Then it began to mix with work. Each job began to ask for a little SEO here and there. Then for the past two years, she began to merge search engine optimization with YouTube optimization. Video reach spread like wildfire, and so did the website results. Then with Covid-19, the opportunity to build a business revolving around the world I love. But this time, armed with years of experience and ready to help other small businesses get out there and market themselves!

So, we began hiring, educating, and training our new employees to become a robust business that promotes small brick and mortar businesses along.

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