Individual YouTube Video Editing Services


Basic Video Editing

30-45 mins of footage cut into the best story possible.

  • Intro Space
  • Ad Breaks
  • Follow the story
  • Space for Endscreens & Subscribe Button


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Basic YouTube Video Editing Services

Are you looking to save time, energy, and effort? Needing some help with video editing? We can help! We will break down your footage to tell the best story possible. With our basic YouTube video editing services, we make sure to include ad breaks as well as the additional end screen time to ensure your video looks the best on YouTube!

Upload and allow us to do the rest!

First, you fill out the included form. Then, we will edit your video to highlight your story! Video editing can be time-consuming, delay other posts and take time away from your primary business, creating! So, we will edit your video and return it to you, ready to publish on YouTube.

What can you expect from our services?

We will edit your footage to correctly highlight your story, product, or service. We will make sure to include time for ad breaks and extra time in the end for your end screen and subscribe buttons.

Breakdown of footage to proper video size depending upon the footage. Up to 30 Minutes with two ad breaks.


Please take into consideration:

Videos will be delivered within five business days from submission. Please call 865.350.2103 if you have any questions or concerns.

Additional videos purchased in the last ten days of the month; will have a return rate of another ten business days on services.


Please keep us in mind if you have any additional accessories such as thumbnails and playlists, depending on your marketing needs. 

Additional information

Cut Footage

We will edit the footage to show the best possible story.

Ad Breaks

We will edit the video will be cut to allow ad breaks.

End Screens

We will edit the end of the video to highlight the end screen cards and subscriber buttons.

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