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Robin McMahon, Founder of Searchable Everywhere Online, LLC
Robin McMahon, Founder of Searchable Everywhere Online, LLC

Robin McMahon

Founder of Searchable Everywhere Online, LLC

Robin’s Bio-

Robin McMahon is an American Businesswoman, entrepreneur, and founder of Searchable Everywhere Online, LLC, a YouTube channel Management Agency. Her company assists a range of clients in utilizing the competitive advantage of YouTube as a full-time marketing resource. Additionally, they offer management, consulting, training, among other YouTube-specific services. 

After graduating with a degree in Photography and Videography, she settled in Tennessee with her husband and two children. During her career in client services, she advanced from social media management to sales manager before overseeing the building and testing of a complete online sales system. An injury forced the early retirement of the award-winning photographer. 

During her recovery, she delved into her social media management education—advancing to a Google YouTube Expert in 2021. In addition, she is an ambassador for Dell Women’s Entrepreneur NetworkGoogle’s WomenTechmakers, and Google for Startups Women Founders. 

She enjoys colorful things such as sunrises/sunsets, flowers, indoor plants, aquariums, and bright spreadsheets and graphs! As well as spending time with her family in the Great Smoky Mountains.

Robin’s Certifications and Degrees

  • Photography Degree
  • Videography Degree
  • Google Certified
  • YouTube Certified
  • Google Garage Marketing Certificate
  • 6+ Years In house SEO Management

Robin’s Networks and Affiliations

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