Sales Experience Optimization Audit

You have built this business from beginning to end, knowing every day’s in and outs. But, how does the customer feel after this experience is over?

Increase Customers

Customers search for products trillions of times a day. Do they find your website when seeking a solution to their problem? Do they feel comfortable with your company automatically purchase from you? Or do they think that your company is a stranger? Unknown and automatically untrustworthy?

How do you build trust with your clients? By showing authority in the subject at hand. Is your brand a reliable source that is highly trusted by others? Should this customer consider purchasing from you? If they are hesitant, why? What made them reconsider? Is it a price factor? A brand recognition situation? Do your reviews truly represent your products?


Improve your brand

When your company shows brand and product authority online, it allows your products a chance to get into consumers’ hands. That’s why we all work as hard as we do. To get our products to our customers that are seeking a solution to a problem. If your product is impressive, but no one can find you or are hesitant if they do, you will never be given a chance to show how unique your products are.

We audit your company and compare it with your #1 competitor. How do both companies compare? We choose your main product and begin the process. Who was easier to find when searching? What was the difference in listings? What were both brands’ best qualities? What is both brand’s weakness? How was the search process on the websites? Pros/Cons for both sites. Was the ordering process easy? What was required from both? What is the shipping process? How do they compare? How did both experiences go overall, and why? What improved situations? What created negative feelings? Why would the client recommend the product, and why would they not? How can your listings, website, or channel be improved for your customers’ experience?


Build A Reliable Customer Brand Reputation

When a customer has a good experience with a business, they tell a few friends. But if a customer has a bad experience, they will tell EVERYONE, FOREVER, EVERYWHERE. Yes, it is the dreaded bad review or bad experience. It can derail increasing your business for years to come. Let’s get ahead of that bad experience by just knowing what your customer experience is like from a nonbiased opinion. Unbiased options are hard to come by; family and friends do not give honest opinions. Plus, we don’t need a small detail on the website to be the main topic at Sunday dinners every week for a year! So hire a stranger with an excellent reputation to give you a. Sales Experience Optimization Audit Trust me, you’ll thank us later!

Sales Experience Optimization

Audit Includes:


Ability to Find in Search

Listing on Search

Initial Website Overview

Sites Ease Of Use

Cart Experience

Full Check Out Process Analysis

Shipping Experience

Product Arrival

• Product & Brand Experience

Experience Comparison

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