What is Search Engine Optimization?


Search results are VITAL to small businesses.

Marketing in 2021 is about endless self-promotion.

Search results are vital to any small business’s survival in this current day. Marketing in 2020 is all about self-promotion. Your business must come up in search results, or your business will likely struggle. The days of being found in the phone book are long gone, and just hoping Google will find your website isn’t cutting it.

Search engine optimization is a new industry coming into its toddler stage but not far from its infancy.  The first photo ever on the internet was of Les Horribles Cernettes in 1992. At that time, we began describing our world to a computer. It was only to translate it back into a photo of the comedy group when it was searched for in a search engine as early as 1993 with Archie’s first search engine. 

It is time-consuming to tell a computer,

  • The photo is of an apple.
  • The apple is red;
  • the red apple is sitting in a group of apples.
  • The group of red apples is in the produce section.
  • Then we must describe that the produce section is a location in a store.
  • . Add the maps of the store.
  • The store is located on this street.
  • That street is in this city.
  • The street is located in this state.
  • This state is located within this country.

Details matter here; this is how the search engines find you. 

In the late 1990s, when search engines became popular, search engine optimization was new, not very well understood, and quickly became overlooked as a nonnecessity. Many websites sold in the past ten years even have promoted how they will be search engine optimized, yet, there is very little traffic to your site. 

Many of our competitors will offer you an audit. They will scan your website and give you many fancy words for all the hard work they can do for you. It’s going to sound impressive, confusing, and challenging. It’s going to cost you a ton of money. Forever. You’ll never really understand what they do; you notice you get a couple of sales here and there, and you’re optimized to be able to pay for click ads. 

I suggest instead of any of that, go to the home page of your website. Choose your main image; it should be the image that promotes you the most, no matter what it is. Please right-click on the image and save it. What did the photo save as? Does it say your business name, contact information, what services you offer, and how to get ahold of you? If not, what does it say? Save another and another. How many are optimized to bring traffic to your page? Now search Google for your main product; where do you stand? What carrier are you on for your product’s keyword? Not your company’s name or product directly. But what your customer would realistically look for when searching on Google.

Suppose your images have been saved with the proper keywords and information. Please stop what you are doing, call your web team right now, and tell them how much you appreciate them. Because trust me, good SEO is rare. Most Search Engine Optimization companies want you to pay per click so that they make more money. We do not use this style as our business model. We want your site to hold it’s own on Google just with proper keywords.

Our business model is simple, easy, and useful. We name your images with the correct name using the most effective keywords for search. We add the proper keywords in the right locations to make you come up with search results for what your customers are searching and need, not an automated keyword generator. 

We understand our clients are savvy, hard-working entrepreneurs who have had to scrape to get everything they have. We know how important it is to be bringing on a new co-worker/contractor. We respect how this will be a new process for business owners to learn and grow. So we will give updates as we progress, we keep you updated, and we help you grow, just as we do with our own business.  

Being a small business owner in 2020 is a challenge to the best in the business; unlike anything anyone has ever seen before, small business owners must be creative, intuitive, unique from the competition, and act fast. Let us help you move your business forward at a rate that you can afford to benefit your company for years to come with great search results without paid ads.

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