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We completely understand how complicated YouTube SEO or Search Engine Optimization can be. It’s frustrating when you know there must be a fix, but the pros use terminology to describe the space station as far as you are concerned to describe their work. That’s why our policy is to keep everything as simple as possible if you’re the do-it-yourself kind of person.


YouTube SEO Consult

  • 60 Minute Consultation
  • Mini YouTube Audit
  • Mini Website Audit
  • Answering your custom questions


Custom Questions YouTube SEO Consultation

  • 60 Minutes to ask your questions about Search Engine Optimization for your website, channel, or sales experience.


 Let’s Talk about your channel!

 If learning SEO for your YouTube Channel sounds fantastic, but your just too busy at this time, that’s no problem. We offer YouTube Channel SEO Management


We cannot wait to meet you!

Our meeting will work out best for both of us if we are both well prepared. Our meetings are virtual, so no need to leave your location. Virtual meetings allow us to include everyone involved in one meeting. We can also transfer any files during this exchange. You will receive a letter as a reminder to the email above, including the following list. Would you mind making sure you go over the checklist? We will bring to our meeting our audit of your channel, site, and overall brand recognition. 

  • Would you please prepare a list before we meet questions? 
  • Company’s Value Statement. 
  • What are your company’s goals with your YouTube channel?
  • Goals of our working together?
  • What is the overall marketing strategy?
  • How can we work together to accomplish your goals?